Summer (feels like Winter) 2013 has begun!

Global WASHES is excited to announce that the 2013 University of Denver student team has arrived and is already hard at work. Sheila Rivera, Alex Sheldon, and Amanda Nieman join Nathan Raymond in continuing the efforts to increase the usage and hygiene impact of the sanitation facilities.

This summer there will be a strong effort to continue the increased level of usage at the facilities from the implementation of community and school hygiene trainings and increased ability to consistently provide water. Incinerator usage for disposing of used sanitary pads and other organic waste will also be addressed to provide another possible income generating activity while increasing our sanitation and hygiene impact in the community.

One hygiene training has already been conducted at the Wings of Life school in Silanga, Kibera. 29 students from the 4th,5th, and 6th Forms participated for three days in the trainings led by Rina Kamukam. Despite the dark classroom and continuous noise of younger students repeating lessons, these members of the school hygiene club became enthusiastic storytellers and debaters regarding the various themes of hygiene and sanitation in their community. The students worked hard identifying important hygiene behaviors for their age group, especially the covering of food and water and washing hands after playing outside with their friends. Several students became actively engaged in the debate about what kind of behaviors are good, bad or 50/50 and how easy or difficult it is to engage in good hygiene behaviors.

More updates coming soon!


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